The proposal to build almost 100 new homes on the open farmland known as Humpty Hill off Highworth Road would spoil and area of natural beauty and views over open countryside, also impeding the establised use of this land by local people for recreation.

Letter to
Planning Committee Vale of White Horse District Council
We write to object to the proposal by Gladman Developments to build 99 new homes on Humpty Hill, open farmland off Highworth Road, Faringdon. The proposed building of a major new residential development on this unspoilt, open agricultural land, which is outside the envelope of the existing town would have a severe impact on an area of natural beauty and views from Faringdon and of the town from the west and north. This development would impinge into the area of open countryside between the Highworth and Lechlade Roads out towards Eaton Woods and beyond - an ancient landscape which is enjoyed by local residents and visitors alike.

The Humpty Hill also has a footpath along the eastern edge which has been used by residents for many decades and the field has been used for dog walking and play for many years. Building a major housing development on this land would mean the loss of a significant recreational open space for local people. There are surely more appropriate areas of undeveloped land within the envelope of the existing town and the A420 on which new homes could be built without making such an impact on the countryside and where they would be more integrated into existing developments and local facilities.

We also are of the opinion that proposals to build up to 1000 new homes in Faringdon under the proposed Local Plan, increasing the population of the town by almost 3000 to 11,000 people. For such major developments to proceed, the already overstretched facilities of the town need first to be improved and extended or at least included into an integrated local plan, e.g. provision of adequate parking and retail outlets, increased school places, healthcare and leisure facilities and a general improvement to the poor condition of the roads, which are already congested at peak times.