SAVE Wales' Victorian Treasure: Object to plans for the former girls' school, Cowbridge

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Sara Pedersen
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Planning Application Ref 2018/01408/FUL

Hafod Housing Association have resubmitted new proposals for the site of the former girls' school on Aberthin Road, Cowbridge.

Their new plans fail to acknowledge the overwhelming objection to loss of this nationally important historic asset and they plan to demolish the building in its entirety. 

This petition is objecting to the new proposals on the current grounds:

  1. Loss of an important historic asset: The proposal will result in the complete loss of a recognised historic asset. The school was the first to be built in Wales (and the UK) specifically for the secondary education of girls and marks a pivotal moment in Welsh history, especially with regard to equal opportunities in women’s education. The school has many features of architectural merit and the architect himself was a pioneer of his time. The building has been recognised as a historic asset and recommended for County Treasure Status. The demolition of this building would contravene Policy Reference SP10 which calls for the preservation and enhancement of the architectural and historic qualities of buildings.  
  2. The Policies of the Local Development Plan: The LDP recommends a maximum of 20 dwellings on this site. The revised proposal of 34 units still reflects a density over one and a half times that stipulated in the LDP and does not fall within the conditions set out in Policy Reference MD6.
  3. The Size and Scale of the Proposal: A three storey block of flats will tower over the Druids Green Estate and impact on the residential amenity of adjoining properties to an unacceptable level. The proposed block of flats is still 2.5 metres higher than the existing building. The design is not sympathetic to, nor of a scale or form, that respects its immediate setting and wider surroundings and therefore fails under Policy Reference MD5.
  4. Climate Impact: Last year the Council declared a ‘Climate Emergency’ and stated that it would adopt the position of the IPCC Report (October 2018). Within this report Section 9.3.4 states that “As buildings are very long-lived and a large proportion of the total building stock existing today will still exist in 2050 in developed countries, retrofitting the existing stock is key to a low-emission building sector.” No evidence has been provided as to why the existing building cannot be retained and retrofitted.

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