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Make the Quebec school curriculum mandatory

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Hello everyone, I am starting this petition to raise awareness about a serious problem that is going on in the community in which I was raised and because it is very important to me.

I come from an Ultra Orthodox Jewish community where there is a big ongoing problem. The majority of the community members from the area where I was raised as well as other Ultra Orthodox communities, do not believe that secular education is important or necessary by any means, and therefore simply do not educate their children. I am not just talking about a family or two or even 10, I am talking about entire communities that send their kids to schools (most of which are illegal schools) that provide absolutely no secular education to their students. There are some schools that provide some secular education, but even those schools that provide that option provide the minimum of the minimum, to the point that it's a joke and provide it only to the students that are really young. The moment the students reach a certain age the school stops teaching them these mandatory subjects.

Now this in my opinion poses a serious problem and should not be tolerated in any shape or form. We as Canadians and as a collective society, have rules and laws that we have to follow. Say for example one day 10 families who live in my area that are not of the Jewish faith or any other faith for that matter and do not identify themselves as being religious, decided one day to simply not send their children to school and instead send them to a school that teaches "Scooby Doo" what would happen? We all know that eventually someone would crack down on them whoever it may be, whether the police or social workers from Child Services etc...                    Why is that? Why are one group of people granted Immunity from what the law requires of them? Not only is it not fair that these parents and community members and School staff get away with this, it is also very not fair to these children who just as everyone else have the right to an education and are being denied of that basic right.

Now some people will argue and claim "Home schooling" or "Freedom Of Religion" etc... but that is not a valid reason or excuse for failing to educate your children. The law clearly states that you have to educate your children and it goes without saying that education means the local Provincial or Federal curriculum, not some irrelevant subjects that have nothing to do with this day and age that these people deem important. If you decide to "Home School" your child you still have the obligation to make sure that he or she receives a High School Diploma, and "Freedom Of Religion" simply means that you have the right as a citizen to follow the religion of your choice, that does not in any way alleviate you from your responsibility as a parent or legal guardian to educate your children. Last time I checked (take it from someone who was raised in the Jewish faith) there is nothing written in the Torah (Jewish Bible) or in Judaism that it is forbidden to educate your children with the required secular education, so do not let them fool you with that one.

Ultimately all I want to see happen is that these students get the education they deserve, if these parents still feel the need that their children should learn Religious Studies, as much as I do not personally agree with that by all means go ahead. But please something has to be done about this because at the end of the day we live in a society that has laws, children have the right to an education whatever background they come from and lastly we live in a world where you need basic knowledge and a High School Diploma if you want to go anywhere or get a decent job.

Here are 2 links that state that education is mandatory.                                        


I am urging whoever is in a position that is able to make a change and positively impact these children to do so.

Whoever wishes to contact me can email me or phone me at email: phone: 438 868 9770

Thank you and have a wonderful day!


Menachem Mendel Cohen

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