My beautiful Vadodara deserves a lot more! Landscaping on both sides of Mangal Pandey Road

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The very important Mangal Pandey Road connecting Sama with the main city, is daily used by a considerable number of Vadodara residents. While moving on this road, you’ll surely get the disturbing stench of garbage dump and know that, it serves as a public toilet also.

Looking from far while approaching the road, you’ll have pleasant glimpses of greenery on both sides of the road. Going near, you’ll immediately notice the amount of garbage lying around and the wild look of the greenery. This is a wasteland and wilderness that can be made much, much more!!

Can we convert this wasteland into a beautiful Ecopark with proper landscaping – something that people will love to look at and remember?

Our earnest request to the Vadodara Municipal Corporation to look into this and convert this place into a beautiful park that will make residents want to stop and enjoy the view.

Dear Vadodara residents, please put your votes together to make this city a place of greenery and beauty!