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Stop Vaccines Becoming Mandatory In The UK

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Both pro vaxx and both anti vaxx are very concerned about vaccines becoming mandatory in the UK. We personally do not want vaccines to become mandatory in the UK. By making vaccines mandatory the goverment will be taking our way our freedom of choice, be taking away our role as parents by making this choice for us. We would also like to be more informed about vaccines and how many children and adults suffer from vaccine injury and those who have died from vaccines. We would also like to know why vaccines are being given to pregnant women when the vaccines haven't been tested on pregnant women. We feel the goverment is hiding a lot of information regarding vaccines. We would like a more open system where we can ask our GP for  the information and given time to research and discuss openly without feeling like we are being pressured to do the vaccinations. There are many families who have vaccinated their children and they have a reaction, these families are starting to speak out. We need to start making a stand, nothing in life is 100% safe this includes vaccines. Let's start talking about both the pros and the cons of vaccines and not keep it buried under the carpet! 



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