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Vaccines and autism: Investigate!

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A survey in 2000 showed 1 in 150 eight-year-olds had autism; the recently announced one from 2008 showed 1 in 88, nearly twice as many. What next?

Research focusing on genetics is off-base; an epidemic can't be caused by genetics, which don't change much over a generation. Research needs to focus on the environment, particularly things that have changed a lot since the epidemic began in 1990.

Both the EPA and the FDA, gatekeepers for new chemicals in our environment, have failed in vigilance. Pesticides, GMO crops, plastics additives like BPA, and new pharmaceuticals receive cursory testing performed by the manufacturer only, not unbiased. When problems arise, the public carries the burden of proof, not the manufacturer.

Because the number of vaccines has increased alongside the scope of the autism epidemic, vaccines should be a target of intense scrutiny by unbiased studies. But conflicts of interest at the FDA and intense lobbying by the rich companies so far have deflected or vilified investigations. These companies stand to profit greatly from more and more vaccines, especially since they are legally shielded from liability.

The FDA has approved dozens of vaccines for our tiny children, many containing toxic aluminum, many containing a multiple whammy of viruses injected at the same time. Is the vaccine schedule too many, too soon? Under the current system which tests new vaccines one-by-one, the FDA will never find out.

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