#VaccineForYoungistaan: Reduce Age Limit For Covid-19 Vaccination

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“1.15 lakh covid cases in India, biggest rise so far!”

My heart sank when I read this news. I am praying for our country and our people, but at the same time, we have to hold our policymakers accountable.

The second wave of the corona virus is clearly worse than the previous one. The virus seems more infectious, it is spreading more. This time more young Indians are also getting infected.

But guess what, young Indians are not eligible to get covid-19 vaccines yet. With a median age of a young 29*, a large population of India will not be immune to the virus in absence of vaccination.

The government needs to immediately lower the age of eligibility to get vaccines from 45 to 18 years.We are requesting  government to prioritise states /cities where cases are highest considering the severity of situation.

Sign and share my petition now so that Youngistaan i.e the youth of India, is also eligible for vaccines and thereby a better, safer life.

Not just that, what about young Indians who have co-morbidity? According to the Indian Cancer Society, those diagnosed with cancer in India annually, around 50,000 are under the age of 19.

India also has a large share of under 45-year-olds who are diabetic and suffer from other illnesses, such as tuberculosis, hypertension, obesity, liver or kidney disease and heart disease.

These young Indians do not have the option to be protected by the vaccines but are among the most vulnerable to Covid. How is that fair?

India's greatest strength is its human resource, which is predominantly the youth, because they account for a majority of the working population that contributes to economic growth.

The Indian Medical Association and also many health experts have requested the government to gear-up the COVID-19 vaccination drive with immediate effect and permit those above 18 years to receive the vaccine.

Chief Ministers of Delhi, Maharashtra, Rajasthan have also requested the Centre to relax the age bar for vaccination. A recent survey too suggests that 75% Indians want Covid vaccination to open for those above 18.

I know if we the common citizens and general public raise their voices, policymakers will have to listen. Please do sign and share my petition so that young India is not deprived of vaccination.

*(World Population Prospects 2020)

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