Hold Vacaville Police Department Accountable!

Hold Vacaville Police Department Accountable!

January 28, 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Sydney A

Our Demands

. Both the Solano County Major Crimes Task Force and the Vacaville Police Department need to accurately and publicly address (via press release) the incidents of the 24th and 26th of January. They must release their bodycam footage of both incidents. 

0.Defund the Vacaville Police Department by 25% and reallocate these funds into a new houseless and low-income community program led/organized by Vacaville Community members. 

a. The officers' salary alone is $17,487,736.

b. VVPD holds 39% of Vacaville's general budget.

0.Call for the removal of Mayor Ron Rowlett due to his inability to hold his city’s police department accountable. 



VVPD's history of gross misconduct, excessive force, and lack of accountability show that Vacaville & Solano County are not exempt from police brutality.

January 24: Brutalized for Homeless Outreach  

Voices of VV held their weekly houseless outreach event this past Sunday in Andrews Park. Multiple police cars showed up at the scene for ‘expired tags’. VVPD officers were fully dressed in riot gear, armed with batons and guns. They used excessive force, injuring multiple people, and targeting a black community organizer. 4 community members were arrested with bail amounts of $5000 each upon charges for “Remaining at the Scene of A Riot”. 


January 26: Fatal Police Shooting 

An adult white male was reported to be recklessly driving his truck in the back parking lot of the Vacaville City Hall, doing donuts in the grass this past Tuesday. The officers attempted to pull over the suspect and chased them through residential neighborhoods until cornering them in the parking lot of the Vacaville Skate Center. VVPD reported the driver to have rammed into a police car, resulting in the officer being sent to the hospital. Lt. Mark Donaldson reports attempting a pit maneuver to disable the truck. Open fire was called at 8:40 pm with 3 officers shooting multiple times. The suspect was shot and while officers attempted to save them, the suspect was announced dead at the scene.

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Signatures: 1,971Next Goal: 2,500
Support now