Have Thomas Murphy, veteran's antagonist dismissed from the VA.

I sprayed the chemicals as directed by my Commanding Officers, for land scaping on the Island of Okinawa, Japan, during vietnam, from April 1967 to May 1968, the Veterans Administration denied me benefits, because they lied about use of Agent Orange (dioxin) on the island. Congress only approved presumptive status for those in country, yet in 1976 I filed my claim due to a severe skin disorder due to chemical exposure in the USMC, In 2014 my case was sent to a advocate used by the V.A in Virginia, it was the independent advocates opinion, due to me documenting I actually sprayed the chemicals, I was grossly exposed, a whore named Kathy Bansfield, Obama's appointed judicial judge, denied my claim and documented I could never reopen my claim for Agent Orange exposure, denying my family (children born with birth defects) of right to life, liberty and justice. Every employee of the V.A. System, needs replaced and tried for crimes against humanity. Gitmo would be too kind of a place for those bastards.

Barry Fetzer, Vintondale, PA, United States
5 years ago
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