Reopen Virginia Schools #OnlyWhenItsSafe

I have a daughter,husband and myself who are high risk of getting covid-19. Of course it was not around schools when some kids came back in the beginning of the year.. That is because there wasn't many kids in the buildings. Rates went up of course within the community, but the children are part of the community and they definitely don't stay 6 feet apart or wear mask when hanging out. I would be devastated to lose friends and family when this could be prevented. Putting others at risk just to make some people happy to get their kids back in school is very selfish. Let it be until this mess is almost over, not with cases rising. I agree with others who say there isn't enough staff in the schools to follow through with the safety measures that we have to follow. God Bless us all if this happens. Stay safe if you can.

Andrea Burson, Virginia Beach, VA, United States
9 months ago
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