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Zachariah Hoffer
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Enough is enough.  Too many innocent kids killed.

With this petition, we propose to add legislation that enables interested parties (parents, grandparents, other family or long term family friends) to demand that a NON-RELATED ADULT WHO IS LIVING WITH CHILDREN SUBMIT TO A CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECK.

The list of brutally murdered children is too long and horrifying to go through, but we are all very aware and we need to make a change.

This background check can be done in conjunction with a petition for custody and crimes that meet the current definitions under the "Best Interest Code", defined as "Family Abuse" crimes MUST be strongly considered by a judge in determining custody. 

If the background check comes back positive for "Family Abuse" crimes, or other crimes or any history of moral turpitude, a judge MUST STRONGLY CONSIDER this and grant IMMEDIATE TEMPORARY CUSTODY until a final decision is reached.