Citizen's Against the $2.9 million grant request for Atlantic Ave. & 41 St. Realignment

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The below signatures represent Virginia Beach residents who request City Council to direct the City Manager to withdrawal the City’s request to the Commonwealth of Virginia for a $2.9 million or any greater or lessor sum grant to construct any project in whole or in part that supports directly or indirectly the closure of Atlantic at 41st and Pacific.

You may recall back in March of 2017 many of us came down to City Council and told them we did not want Atlantic Avenue closed at 41st and Pacific.  We told them we definitely did not want $2.5 million of our taxpayer money being spent for Bruce Thompson’s benefit at Cavalier ocean side project. 

Some of City Council, who are more concerned about "special interest groups", than they are doing the job they were put in office to do,  did not listen to us and approved the project anyway.  They did make one concession, Council directed that no local taxpayer funding be used to construct the project.  

City Manager sought out funding from the State in 2017.  Then Secretary of Transportation, now Secretary of Finance, Aubrey Layne in a candid letter, to the then Mayor Sessoms, communicated his denial of the grant request.  

The City Manager has submitted basically the same grant (now ~$2.9 million) again to the Virginia Department of Transportation to help support this "special interest group".  As you can see by the drawing leaving the existing thruway still provides the space that Thompson needs to create his "vision" on his own property without costing the taxpayers $2.9 million!!