Close Illegal Nail Bars in the UK

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Our sector is not regulated and anybody can open a hair or beauty salon, barber shop or nail bar. Many nail bars are operating illegally and are a front for people trafficking, slavery, prostitution, organised crime and drug running. People are being exploited.

Just recently, it is alleged that some of the Vietnamese victims of the lorry tragedy were destined to work in such salons. I would like our industry, which employs nearly 1/3 million people, to unite and campaign for proper legislation to clamp down on these salons. I want to make customers aware that in patronising them they are helping to fund this basic breach of human rights. We need local authorities, the government, HMRC, suppliers, manufacturers and people who legitimately work in this sector (salons and their employees) to support this cause and get these nail bars closed down now before any more lives are lost.