UWF will not refund fees for students not permitted to attend face to face instruction.

UWF will not refund fees for students not permitted to attend face to face instruction.

August 6, 2020
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Started by Susan Shannahan

These are my sons fees for this semester. They total $714.30. He is a Junior at UWF.

Student Activity Fee $40.71 x 5= $203.55
Transportation Fee $21.00 x 4= $84.00 ( NOT CHARGED in Advanced Computer Programming)
Athletic Fee $62.79 x 5= $313.95
Health Fee $22.56 x 5 = $112.80

*Online Campus Fee = $45.00 (CHARGED in Advanced Computer Programming). This is the only fee UWF is refunding!

We tried reaching out to UWF and they said that they couldn’t do anything about refunding our money. This is what UWF said:

“At this point, UWF is not anticipating fall tuition and fee reductions related to COVID 19. As we are part of the state university system of Florida, our tuition is set annually by the Florida Legislature, with additional local and university fees set by the University of West Florida Board of Trustees and Florida Board of Governors. All campus services to students will be offered this fall virtually, on campus or both. Students pay the same tuition and fees whether on campus or distance learning apart from the added distance learning fees for distance learning students. However, we will be waiving the online / distance learning fee for any fall course that would have been offered in the classroom were it not for health and safety adjustments due to COVID 19. If I can be of further assistance to you, please let me know.“ 

These fees were set prior to the Pandemic and a lot of rules have changed. I don’t feel it is right that we should get charged when our children are stuck learning from home.

The freshman and sophomores are allowed to attend classes, but the upperclassman are not. We are asked or pay the same fees if we are in campus.





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