Request for Deadline change of Sustainable Business

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We are living with enthusiasm, determination and goals for all of the upcoming deadlines. Suddenly Lunar New Year - the biggest celebration of the year came and took away all of them.

As Tet happening, we were requested and it is our responsibility to be in charge of Tet preparation including ( Cleaning the whole house, going on trip visiting the ancestors, shopping in chaos, welcoming the guests....) and the class was cancelled for 2 weeks according to government regulation, so we cannot reach out for help of our lecturer or continue learning other chapters to build our knowledge which is still in vague since we have only started the module 2 weeks . All of the factors make it impossible for us to stay with our plan and the deadlines. As a result, we feel very overwhelmed and stressful.

Please have some consideration for the deadline. It would be ideal if the deadline is moved to a week or 5 days later.

We are looking forward for the change and hearing from you soon.

Our deepest thank.


IU-UWE Students