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Peter Blythe UWCSEA Mathematics

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We have come to the understanding that Mr. Blythe is not leaving the college voluntarily.

Sign this petition to show your appreciation for Mr. Blythe; sign this petition for Mr. Blythe to continue teaching at the college.

Most students have that one teacher in their academic careers who really revolutionises their perspective on a subject. They are inspiring and breathe new life and insight into topics never covered.

Peter Blythe has instilled a passion for mathematics in many generations of UWC students. He approaches the subject with enthusiasm, vivacity and rigour, mastering everything he teaches in order to make maths more accessible. In his classes, no concept, no fundamental, is taught by repetitive rote; despite actually being the author of a number of textbooks used in our syllabi, Mr Blythe educates, and has done for decades, with a unique, innovative energy.

We sincerely hope he is allowed to continue enlightening mathematicians at Dover in the years to come. He is an asset to the school, and as a proudly academic institution, we simply cannot afford to lose him. We hope you will sign to express your support for Mr. Blythe.

Thank you, Mr. Blythe.

From Student Council 2017

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