Let's Get Italian-American Actor Paul Giamatti an Honorary Seat on the UWA Guild Council

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Since his first film role as a featured extra (Heckler #2) in 'She'll Take Romance', Paul Giamatti has contributed much to the artistic landscape of Hollywood and independent filmmaking alike. From outstanding dramatic performances in films like 'Sideways,' 'Fred Clause,' and '12 Years a Slave,' to cameos in more traditional Hollywood blockbuster, such as his brief appearance in 'The Amazing Spiderman 2' as the Rhino, Giamatti never fails to delight audiences with his everyman appeal. 

Although not a traditional leading man by any stretch of the imagination, Paul has been able to build an extremely successful career in both film and television. His role as the second president of the United States in the 2008 HBO series 'John Adams' netted him a much deserved Golden Globe. 

To speak only of his success in the entertainment industry would be a disservice to his equally important role as a positive cultural representative of Italian Americans, particularly in a US media landscape saturated with images of mob bosses and conmen.

It is staggering to me that the University of Western Australia, an institution with a strong emphasis on the arts, could have ignored Giamatti for so long. While I am certainly not the first to suggest Paul be awarded an honorary seat on the Guild Council, I would like to encourage anyone who is passionate about the acting profession, the creative arts, or the positive representation of naturalised immigrants, to sign my petition and help ensure that UWA finally gets its act together and shows this titan of industry the respect he so richly deserves.