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UVA Student Activities: Approve the CIO Application of the Committee to Pave the Lawn

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For centuries, man has built his home, his community, and even his country around tradition. Throughout history, the first men who were innovative enough to venture into forbidden territories, with or without the intention to improve upon the livelihood of their brothers, were often rejected outcasts. In the words of Howard Roark, a character of Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead, "the first man [to discover] how to make fire ... was probably burned at the stake he had taught his brothers to light."

On the hallowed Grounds of the University of Virginia, where tradition is of utmost importance, the Rotunda and the Lawn, the Good Old Song, and most importantly student self-governance are all meticulously treasured by students and faculty. Those who are affiliated with the University have worked together to collectively prevent or stop any threat that may disrupt traditional values of the University.

Times have changed and so have our society and the people that live in it. We now live in the 21st century; the University has grown beyond the boundaries of the original Academical Village. What used to be the most important issues are most likely trivial matters today. One thing has remained unchanged: the Jeffersonian ideal of progress. We as a University must be willing to defy tradition in order to progress as a community.

The namesake of the Committee to Pave the Lawn represents the concept of an almost unachievable feat; the idea of paving the Lawn to alleviate the parking situation on Grounds may never be taken seriously. However, it should not be considered inherently counterproductive just because it goes against tradition; we have to be able to make rational sacrifices in order to move forward as a University. The new contracted independent organization (CIO) will aim to stimulate discussion on Grounds regarding University issues that may involve a clash between traditional values and progress.

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