Bring back speed and stability to the university Wi-Fi

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Since last year, the Wi-Fi in UUM has been experiencing constant slowdown and inconsistent connectivity, much to the dismay of the students. These problems have caused a slew of inconvenience towards the students, of which include, the inability to find crucial information pertaining to assignments online, inability to download lecture materials for notes and revising purposes, and the inability to solve online quizzes, all of which are imperative towards the final grade for the subjects taken by the students.

Since then, the IT department has been using 'Internet upgrade' as a purported reason for the bumps the students experience. And as the second semester of the 2017/2018 session dawns upon the students, the IT department euphorically announced that UUMWiFi has been upgraded to 10Gbps, up from the former 6Gbps. The students thought that that was the end of the nightmare. They thought wrong.

Ever since the start of the semester, students have filed complaints of an even slower speed compared to last year, and in some serious cases, complete unavailability of the Wi-Fi. The IT department refused to answer the woes of the students, leaving them in the dark about the situation. Only after a barrage of complaints and dissatisfaction were voiced, they deign to respond. But it was in a very perfunctory manner, stating that the problem will be resolved in a few days. They did not deliver on that promise, which was made by the director of the department itself. They were also brazen enough to accuse students about irresponsibility, albeit asking questions are encompassed in consumers' rights. They also have the cheek to ask students to purchase mobile data for assignment purposes, which is an impossibility for a number of students due to their financial standing.

This petition is made to urge UUMIT, and all relevant authorities, to give us back a speedy and stable Internet so that we can continue studying in an inducive environment, where Wi-Fi is not an issue. We also urge that UUMIT to take full responsibility and resolve the problem with efficiency and effectiveness, and to not wave the voices of the students down. The students might be 20% of our population, but they are 100% of our future. Please hear their voices, and help them to solve this problem which is linked to their basic necessity as a student. 

Thank you.

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