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Need of Enquiry Commission to probe Corruption in Pantnagar University

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Since the inception of legal cell in 1998, about 1283 cases have been registered in different courts against Pantnagar University. Presently more than 100 cases are pending against this university. It clearly proves that the authorities in Pantnagar university are not delivering their assigned duties honestly and hence they are wasting the precious time and money of poor public provided to them for their salaries and other expenditures. Most of the poor public money collected from taxes and provided to Pantnagar university by state govt/ICAR, etc. is wasting in the legal proceeding in court cases and several appeals in information commission & human right commission, etc.. Pantnagar University receives much more funds in comparison to IITs, but still conditions of Labs and basic needs in campus are not good. Everybody is requested to participate in the campaign against corruption in Pantnagar so that we can request to Uttarakhand Legislative Assembly, Honourable Chief minister of Uttarakhand, Chancellor of State Universities/ Honourable Governor of Uttarakhand, Indian Parliament, Honourable Prime Minister of India, Honourable Minister of Human Resource & Development, Director General, ICAR for setting up an Enquiry Commission. Keeping silent on this issue will only support and promote some corrupt people sitting on top of this university. Following are the main points related to deeply rooted corruption  in Govind Ballabh Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar, Distt. U.S. Nagar Uttarakhand-263145:

1. Workers and Teachers are not treated with respect and their basic needs are not satisfied. They have gone for long strikes in past but still no one listen to them. Workers demands are not properly treated.

2. Some Astt. Professors and other staff people have not promoted in time due to corruption, brotherism and nepotism in Pantnagar University.

3. The condition of Labs in G.B.P.U.A&T Pantnagar are pathetic. Some labs have very old instruments from the late 70s or 80s and they don't work.

4. Pantnagar University had partially implemented UGC regulations 2009 related to minimum standards for awarding the M.Phil and Ph.D. Degree after passing 6 years, only when research scholars went on strike in November 2014 and the news was made headlines by several newspapers. Because of not having the degree of Ph.D. as per UGC regulation 2009, about 2000 Ph.D. degree holders of this university are not eligible to apply for jobs in suitable positions in different universities and public service commissions, etc in the country.   

5. The UGC regulations 2016 related to minimum standards for awarding the M.Phil and Ph.D. Degree was published in gazette of India in May 2016, but Pantnagar university has not implemented it till date. Thus, this university is again playing with the life of its research scholars. If this university implements these regulations fully then the students have to publish two research papers in reputed journals and the All India rank of this university will improve. For publishing a paper the Advisors will have to work hard, but they don't want to do hard work.

6. Harassment of students by applying the Academic probation (A.P.) & Conduct Probation (C.P.) in a wrong manner.

7. Withholding/extending the degree of the student by wrongly getting rejected the thesis of students by the external examiner.

8. Carrying out the Ph.D. research in university in some departments without having the labs & library facilities as per UGC Regulation 2016.

9. The office of registrar of this university issued fake Ph.D. degree certificates to its near and dear about two years before partial implementation of UGC regulation 2009.

10. There is huge wastage of public money in several courts proceedings/appeals/etc, because most of the officials/employees are not delivering their assigned duties honestly.

11. The university has not implemented e-tender/e-procurement process for procuring items/ lab instruments/goods, etc. Because of this, there are more chances of corruption in issuing the purchase orders.

12. There is no recruitment of permanent Vice-Chancellor. Ex acting vice -chancellor had only supported and promoted the corruption in the university.

13. The post of the registrar is not directly filled by Uttarakhand Govt.

14. The University does not follow the roaster system in the recruitment of HODs, Deans & Directors, etc. The same person is being repeated on the same post in his 2nd or third term and so on.

15. There is no clear policy for the dependent of the deceased person of the university.

16. Teachers and Workers both have their Unions to Raise their voice but unfortunately, there is no Union/forum or committee for Student Voice. This is the clear violation of fundamental rights of students.

17. Recruitments made in last five years are very questionable. Many court cases filed for these recruitments. Many RTIs have been misguided and ignored regarding the process of the same. 

18. In hearing of court cases, the university advocates remain absent from court room to extend the case for long time and to harass the petitioner. The same thing is repeated in the hearing of Uttarakhand Information Commission.

19. Teacher visits abroad in the name of research paper presentation but returned back without any paper presentation and waste the money of University.

Thus there is an urgent need to setup an Enquiry Commission to remove the corruption and to punish the corrupt people in Pantnagar University.

Therefore, everybody is requested to sign, like, forward  and support this online application as early as possible.

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