Only those people who have domicile of Uttarakhand can buy or sell land in Uttarakhand

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Uttarakhand's rich heritage and culture can only be preserved by the locals, but the last few years have seen a spike in the influx of outsiders. We have witnessed how tourists create a ruckus and pollute the hilly areas. So many videos and news reports have focussed on this issue. Now imagine if the same people start living in the state! The damage will be catastrophic.

The rich and the wealthy people of metro cities find Uttarakhand as an apt location to build their "vacation house". It is important to note here that these people are not bringing anything valuable to the state other than increasing the population and influencing the youth to get into addictive habits. This is all because of the land laws of the state that allow people from outside the state to buy land.

It is sad to see certain customs and rituals of Uttarakhand on the verge of extinction. Rather than allowing outsiders to buy land, it is my humble request to the government that they create more employment opportunities for the youth so that they don't have to leave the state looking for jobs which would also keep them connected to their roots along with banning outsiders from buying land in Uttarakhand.