Underground High Tension Lines Within Residential Colonies

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We have high tension (33 KV) lines passing very close through our residential colony due to which we live under constant fear of an accident. In case of storms and bad weather, the situation becomes even more dangerous. It is like a ticking bomb waiting to explode. There has been an incident as well where a construction worker died by coming in contact with the cable.

The solution is to make those high tension lines underground. I tried to reach out to local powerhouses but they are reluctant to take any action. People are even willing to pay for the removal of these dangerous lines passing near their homes. 

I know that this is a problem that many people are facing and wanted to start this petition to get attention on this issue. I don't know about the stats of how many people get killed by such accidents but I know that thousands live under fear of an accident waiting to happen and I believe that itself is a reason strong enough to resolve this issue. 

Kindly support the cause for thousands of people living near or under these high tension lines to be able to live without fear. Thanks.