Students demand cancellation of exams in State Universities and promote them without exams

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As we are aware of the pandemic called coronavirus, which is creating an uncontrollable situation in the whole world and every country is looking for the best care possible for their countrymen and busy in making vaccine for this pandemic.

In India, our honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi put a lockdown in the country to minimise the pandemic , during this lockdown Students exams were postponed so that mass gathering can be avoided and social distancing can be maintained but now after the lockdown had been lifted up from 1st june,the goverment started planning to conduct under graduate final year exam in the month of july.

We are in the month of june now and corona cases has been increasing day by day.Goverment is telling that they can cancel 1st and 2nd year exams but not of final year exams,why?  We are also students and and corona does not see whether they are of final year or 1st,2nd year students before attacking and we are in the situation where some students are willing to seek job, some are motivated to go for further studies etc . If you will conduct exams then Firstly -there will be mass gathering , Secondly -there will be a huge increase in coronavirus cases, third- Students lives and future are in danger and Lastly, who will be responsible for their losses . Just for one exam pls don't risk students life and their future .so Please cancel Under graduate exams and promote them on the basis of their past performance.As we had thought that we will do something after graduation but till now we r not graduated and still waiting and thinking about our coming Future.Its our humble Request pls look into this matter.

Thank you