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Formal Complaint Against Prof Campbell and TA's (PSYC62)

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To Whom It May Concern,

I would like to make a formal complaint against Professor Campbell and his Teaching Assistants for PSYC62. I have received multiple complaints from other students, as well as from my own experience, that no one has been responsive to the email that he has provided for the course. I understand that he is a busy individual and although I do enjoy his lectures and find him to be a wonderful individual, his lack of responsiveness to emails is absurd for a top tier institution like the University of Toronto. If he is unable to respond to emails, he should delegate that responsibility to the appropriate teaching assistants. Unfortunately, not all students are able to attend his Office Hours due to course conflicts or busy schedules.

As well, in terms of his structure for this course, I feel as though certain issues need to be addressed. For example, the Midterm 1 viewing for this course takes place AFTER the second midterm. This places a huge disadvantage for students to learn how the first term was marked and react accordingly (especially for sections like the short answer question). I’m not sure if his course evaluations have reflected my statements, but I feel as though because course evaluations are heavily biased on the grade attained by the student at the time of evaluation it alters the result.

I apologize if this message has reached the wrong individuals, but I am not sure who these issues should be addressed to and I think it’s important that changes be made. As a student concerned with maintaining the high standards of the University of Toronto, I think that this is an important issue, if not for my current class, but to be addressed in future classes under his care.

Many thanks and much appreciation in advance,

Mr. Suman Banik

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