UTSA Music needs a Performing Arts Center

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As UTSA advances its presence on the global stage, it is unquestionable that the University has become a first choice destination for many students across not only Texas, but across the globe as well.

In order for the department to advance itself towards a top tier program - a few things must take place. Outside of additional faculty lines and an increase in scholarship funds, the UTSA Music Department must advance it's facilities to match those not only across other Universities nationwide but also many high school facilities as well. In order to attract top-tier talent from across the states, we must equip ourselves with facilities that are competitive in relation to others. 

At UTSA, we currently face a situation where the department houses 4 designated classroom spaces and three rehearsal spaces to accommodate the near 300 music majors. The department also houses the near 300 piece Spirit of San Antonio which contributes to a large space deficit as well. As of right now, the Spirit of San Antonio has no designated indoor rehearsal facility that meets state codes in terms of space size and or decibel readings. The facilities all serve as potential risk factors for people with sensitive hearing. The building also serves as a major obstacle to those who are disabled. All which are factors that contribute to a reduction in concert attendance and or the patrons experience here at UTSA when attending performances. 

A shortage of practice facilities and individual practice rooms prevents our students abilities to master and advance their craft. Practice rooms are also outdated and in many cases face issues with proper ventilation and air-conditioning making rehearsal conditions less than ideal. 

Overall, storage continues to be a ongoing issue as we continue to grow, We have equipment that has no proper storage which makes it vulnerable for items to get lost, stolen, or damaged. 

Lastly, we are in major need of additional faculty offices. It's absolutely RIDICULOUS that in some cases we have FOUR UTSA faculty sharing ONE office. 

I would gladly invite anyone of the upper administration at UTSA to come out, tour the facilities, talk to the faculty, and most importantly talk to the students. Many of us did not come to UTSA for the overwhelming scholarship offers. Many of us came to UTSA because the department houses some of the nations best and brightest faculty who go above and beyond those of any department across the university. The UTSA Music community is one of the most tight-knit communities on campus. All we're asking for is a little bit of attention and assistance in advancing our department into a top-tier music program.