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Mr. Declerico is one of the best teachers at UTS, but as a teacher new to the school, he is not in the union. Every year the unionized teachers teach as many classes as they can, and the leftover classes are taught by other teachers brought in from outside the UTS union. Next year, the Math department of UTS has enough unionized teachers to fulfill their needs, meaning that Mr. Declerico will be leaving UTS. This petition is to show how much the student community respects and values Mr. Declerico as a teacher, in the hopes that it influences UTS admin to give Mr. Declerico a job either in the Science or Math department at UTS next year.

Mr. Declerico has been an incredible teacher to every single one of his students. His lessons are always well thought out and explained in an exceptionally clear and engaging way.  The length, and structure of the lessons are structured to ensure that the students come away from this with a full understanding of the content. He always goes around the classroom, patiently answering any questions, and ensuring that everyone understands the material.  In addition to his engagement in class, Mr. Declerico makes additional help very accessible, and is more than willing to help all students at his math parties. Mr. Declerico puts incredible effort not only into his lesson plans, but also towards his relationship with his students. Mr. Declerico is consistently friendly, positive, and funny in his classes, keeping the class engaged, while very effectively conveying the information of the lesson.  Mr. Declerico clearly has genuine care for his students, and if you tell him about something you’re doing outside of school, a few days later he’ll be sure to ask you how it went. He is consistently sensitive to the needs of his students, fostering a comfortable environment in which students are aided in reaching their full potential. This care, whether regarding his attention to the individual needs of the students, in order to encourage his students to reach their full academic potential, or the mental health of his students, is not unnoticed by his students, who consistently cite him as one of the best teachers they have ever had.

When word got out about there no longer being a spot for him to teach at UTS, many students were very upset. The following are quotes from members of the student body about their experiences with Mr. Declerico:

-”I started getting tutoring from him [Mr. Declerico] in M4. After struggling with math for years, working with him has both changed my grades in math and how I see the subject. At the end of M3, my math mark was a 3. In my most recent report card for S5 Advanced Functions, my mark was a 5-. Mr Declerico volunteers his time to tutor me and other students, and is always patient and kind when helping us. I don’t know how I would have gotten through M4 math without his help.”

-”Mr. Declerico filled in as a computer science teacher earlier this year, despite the fact that he’s never taught the subject before at UTS. It was very clear that he put in a great amount of effort to make these classes as understandable and interactive as possible, and as a result, he created (in my opinion) the best classes that our class had ever seen.”

-”Never had Mr. Declerico as a teacher but he definitely helped me a bunch with my DECA presentation during his free time which I respect.”

-”Mr. Declerico became my teacher halfway through this year and it was a wake up call. He marks very objectively and honestly, and I got a pretty mark for the first time in a while- but I didn’t feel like garbage about it. He encourages students to learn from mistakes and is incredibly constructive. His lessons are also fire. They have a good sense of structure to them”

-”When my teacher left the M4s, Mr. Declerico was so nice and understanding and he helped us all catch up and make up the time we lost having 5 substitutes during a single math unit. He is amazing and always takes the time to make sure all of us understand the topics, and that we are always prepared for each summative. It has been a crazy year because of my teacher’s absence, and he’s the only reason any of us are actually learning anything. He is extremely adaptable and understanding of everyone’s needs in math!!”

-”He was my tutor in M4 math and he turned me from someone who hated/didn’t care about math into someone who is genuinely interested. Every session after he finished answering my questions, we would talk about imaginary numbers and square roots of negatives and why they don’t exist and how cool it is that math uses numbers that don’t exist. He got me to actually find math cool and interesting and to care enough to get through the year.”

-”I don’t go to UTS anymore but he was my science teacher last year in F2 and I just want to thank him for being so supportive. He was always responsible and fair. Such a great teacher!”

- “Not only are Mr. Declerico’s lessons informative, but also deeply engaging, building genuine interest in the content.  His care for the wellbeing students in his class is noticed and appreciated by all. He is the kind of teacher every student aiming for success hopes for:  He genuinely cares about the understanding of his students, is kind, and caring towards his students, and consistently gets the best out of everyone in his class.  I am sincerely grateful to have been taught by him this year.”

Mr. Declerico is an incredible teacher that UTS is lucky to have. UTS administration, please let him stay.

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