Petition against the sale of the University College Utrecht campus

Petition against the sale of the University College Utrecht campus

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As alumni of University College Utrecht we believe that the school's campus is an essential part of the school's identity and success. We believe that removal from campus will result in irreparable damage to University College and its future and we ask that it be excluded from the upcoming sale of Utrecht University's real estate. 

As graduates, we are acutely aware of how our education helps us in our work in academia, business or government. We are able to ascertain the value and role University College's unique education has played in our lives. The sense of community and the academic excellence that the school and its campus foster is extraordinary. This close-knit community of learning and intellectual engagement has radically shaped us, and we carry it into our adult and professional lives.

To establish a new educational institution that achieves the level of success of University College is a rare feat that should be celebrated. Founded 20 years ago as a groundbreaking and innovative liberal arts college in Europe, it has become a prestigious institution, rated among the best bachelor programs in the country, with an impressive record of attracting talented people from all over the world, and producing a consistent output of successful graduates. In supporting University College Utrecht, Utrecht University spearheaded the movement of Liberal Arts education in the Netherlands and its success has inspired most major universities in the Netherlands to offer similar programs.

We understand the need for Utrecht University to optimize its use of space and increase sustainability, clearly a worthy and laudable cause in the 21st century. However we also believe that University College can not be the same vibrant, inspiring and productive place without its campus. Therefore we reiterate our request that the integrity of the school be maintained and its location left in place.