Stop Implementing UTMSAT & KOQ DAY in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

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Starting semester 2 2019/2020, all UTM students require to involve in co-curriculum activities as follows:

● UTMSAT – Involves all Year 1 until Year 4 students. Students need to join the organized program and each activity will contribute to points. To pass this program, students need to join a minimum of 1 program which will be held every Tuesday along the 14 weeks’ time. To get an excellent transcript, student must join 3 programs on every Tuesday along the 14 weeks’ time.

● UTMSAT program differs from the normal 3 credit co-curriculum program (2+1). It is for all students.

● Normal 3 credit co-curriculum program --> Need to register and included into Academic Transcript

● UTMSAT- No credit ---> But Co-Curriculum Transcript will be issued (Pass: Moderate-Excellent) & the name of the transcript is UTMSAT. Therefore, student will get 2 scrolls during the convocation.

● In the other words, starting from this semester, for the students who did not registered for normal 3 credit co-curriculum program, they need to join the co-curriculum activities that are organized by UTM on every Tuesday from 2pm until 11pm.

Regarding of UTMSAT & KOQ Day , We as the students of UTM would like to ask for the cancellation of this implementation as we don't found the meaning and impact of this sudden implementation instead it cause chaos in the current UTM system 

  1. What is the impact of the CO-Q certificate in securing job application for students?
  2. Have the university done any survey on students work load and flexibility or studies and activities before implementing this ko-q day?
  3. Any benchmarking done to any world class university that have done the same thing like making compulsory co-q day?
  4. Are this a compulsory criteria for graduating a degree students? or listed in EAC manual that this is quirement to be a graduate engineer?
  5. The meeting with PA was previously very flexible, which whenever we have problem then we will able to contact and meet up with our PA but now it seems that things are very rigid. What is the benefits that the university sees in this event as the university did not do any proper study and survey before implementing this program.
  6. Regarding the penalty, do you think you are harassing the students rights to involve in the activities of their own choice?