Online open book examination

Online open book examination

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Sourajeet Das started this petition to Utkal University and

From the final year students, Batch of 2020 -

Students who were preparing to graduate this spring are feeling a range of emotions as their college careers come to an abrupt end. The likelihood that graduation ceremonies will be cancelled strikes a harsh chord for students who have spent their lives working towards their college degrees. The situation has been stressful both for students who do and don't have job offers for after graduation.

But amidst all these chaos, Utkal university is only thinking of conducting mcq exams on offline centers for the  final year students.

1. For the outside state students it's not possible to come to their college's state before 14 days for quarantine just to give exam for 6 subjects in two days. Travelling within Odisha itself and using public transportation might not be safe even not feasible for everyone.

2. Some students are residing in containment zones. So it's not possible for them to go back to their home as the state government of the containment zone won't allow anyone coming back from other states.

3. It's very dangerous for the students to deal with any student coming from the containment zone as there is a chance the student might be suffering from Corona.

4.Students from outside Odisha will face problems of accommodation transportation while maintaining all the guidelines for avoiding Corona.

5. Students from universities (like KIIT, VSSUT,BPUT) have gave  online exams  with open book system and they have secured good marks safe and securely .these boards mitigate the problem of availability of resources by providing options to give exams on mobile or on laptops.

6. Public health barriers would likely prevent some students and their families travelling back to campus just for the final semester exams.

7. Even the Ravenshaw university is planning to go for open book online exams, so we Utkal university students should be provided this option atleast.

8. In this stressfull atmosphere some are uncertain of their  masters in different universities ,some  couldn't apply for job as they don't have marksheet, online open book exam is a good and fastest solution .so kindly consider this.

9 .because of earlier exam cancellation notice, we are not prepared all its very difficult to give 6 exams in two days in this very  short duration of time. kindly consider our cases and provide open book online exam.

                                                                                                            Yours obediently

                                                                                              Utkal University Students

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