Stop the rise in energy bills.

Stop the rise in energy bills.

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Started by Jake Smith


I am writing this to make a change in the new policies that are to unravel in the next coming months, of these ludicrous rising energy bills when they are already at an all time high. 

The pandemic has already caused a surge in a loss of jobs, businesses, loss of money/income and especially people’s homes etc, not to forget everyones mental health being at risk all over again. To implement such rising costs will have a great damaging effect and affect the most vulnerable, poorest and oldest members of  society, this can not happen! Margaret Thatcher once said “they’d rather have the poor poorer.” 

Huge energy companies have already profited from billions of pounds worth of stock. But some how this has implemented companies to result in inflating their prices, makes no sense. This would only lessen the chances of home owners actually paying for their bills and living without. This would be so damaging to companies especially for the duty of care they should have for their customers.

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186 have signed. Let’s get to 200!