Replace Christopher Columbus statue with a dedication to the Utica Rescue of 1836!

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Despite what some ill informed politicians and residents claim, Christopher Columbus never set foot in what is known as the United States today! He has no business representing a city of cultural blending while his history and encounters in the Caribbean and Bahamas speak to violence, slavery, and worse to the Indigenous people he came across. Utica New York is famous for many things, but what some do not know is that in 1836, on Genesee street there was a slave rescue successfully attempted for Harry Bird and George. They sought freedom after escaping from Maryland and were caught by slave catchers, but we're later freed by a local group of abolitionists! There is much more history in Utica with the abolition movement, but this is a great start. Erect a monument to the important history of this city, not lies you were told from history books not even written by historians!