UTEP: Offer S/U Option for Fall 2020 Semester

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In March 2020, schools all over the country were shutdown in order to best protect their students. Due to the quick changes of in-person classes to online only, the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) gave students the option to use "Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory" for their classes. 

At the time, our local COVID-19 numbers were low. Today, we saw 14 new COVID-19 related deaths and report 1,000+ new cases every single day. By now, every household has had to deal with a relative having COVID, or they themselves have had it. People are still essential workers and every day life has been hard for so many of us. Students shouldn't have to decide between their education and helping their family -- whether it's economically or their health. 

We are asking UTEP President Heather Wilson to offer the S/U option for the Fall 2020 semester. We ask for empathy during these unprecedented times.