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Add amendment to R657-55-6 Convention Permits to August agenda/action item

The United Wildlife Cooperative delivered a proposal to the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources requesting a change in the distribution and accounting of funds raised and associated with publicly owned expo tags and the organizations that participate in their use.

By signing this petition you are asking the Wildlife Board and DWR to add this proposal to the August agenda as an action item so that it may be voted on amended as proposed.

This proposal would be a modification of R657-55 Division of Wildlife Resources and could be handled through the RAC’s and the Wildlife Board. The change would require complete disclosure of the funds as well as limit the amount each participating group could retain to no more than 10% of the $5 application fee which ultimately would mean more money for those approved projects that are so important for the wildlife of Utah. The proposal would require the funds from the convention tag application fees to be distributed in the same fashion as conservation permits. i.e.. 60/30/10

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  • Utah Wildlife Board, Utah DWR

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