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The only incentive for backyard breeders is profit. And because of this, many of the basic necessities for the animal's well-being are overlooked.

Fact: In Utah alone, more than 30,000 dogs get euthanized each year in dog shelters because they cannot find a home to go too.

Backyard breeders are not only unlicensed, they are not members of recognized breed associations. This allows breeders to "experiment" with negligent breeding techniques on non-pedigree dogs and sell them online or on classified websites for an inflated price. Experimental breeding with non-pedigree dogs greatly affects the overall health of the breed, which could cause health complications down the road. Examples of this include genetic disorders or aggression related issues that go undisclosed to a potential buyer.

Most backyard breeders do not provide adequate, or any veterinary care. Obviously this is inhumane and unconscionable to restrict their most basic medical needs.

Backyard breeders do not require any sort of background check to potential owners. People who are unable or unfit to raise a dog are also contributors to this complex and unregulated issue. This practice directly increases the amount of dogs that end up in shelters because breeders rarely take into consideration the future of their puppies. Licensed breeders and animal shelters require background inquires before allowing adoptions.

Backyard breeding is a SERIOUS problem in this nation, and as a state, we should do our part to eradicate this terrible activity. In turn, cracking down backyard breeding will have an affect on the number of homeless dogs being euthanized. Backyard breeding is inhumane, irresponsible, and puts thousands of innocent dogs at risk every year.

Now is our chance to take a stand and to stop backyard breeding in Utah before it's too late! Let's keep the breeding to those who are licensed, responsible and know what they are doing!


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Did you know that in our state alone, at least 30,000 homeless dogs are euthanized each year because they cannot find homes? A major contributing factor to this enormous number is due to backyard breeding. This is done by irresponsible and unexperienced people who are only putting the lives of the dogs in jeopardy.

Backyard breeders almost always have their animals live in unsanitary conditions - allowing for infestations and bacteria to grow. They do not provide adequate, or any veterinary care neglecting the dogs most basic medical needs. They practice wrong breeding techniques which result in puppies later developing genetic disorders or temperament issues. But most importantly, backyard breedings have one main goal in mind: money.

This inhumane practice has gone on for too long and has to stop!

Dogs are innocent animals, who's lives need to be valued.

We sign this petition because we believe in saving "Man's Best Friend". We urge you to make this change.