Vote 'NO' on Utah SB 126 (Gestational Agreements Revisions)

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Utah Senator, Lyle Hillyard has introduced legislation that would upend the current Surrogacy Statute. Under the current Statute, both Straight and Same-Sex married couples can enter into gestational agreements with a surrogate with the benefit of a court order, which would protect the rights of the intended parents and the surrogate alike.

If this legislation is passed, presumptive parental rights would be granted to the surrogate mother, despite her having no genetic connection or intent of becoming the parent of the child. Intended parents would be forced into the court system in order to establish their rights to parentage and would face uncertain outcomes.   

My Husband and I are currently in the middle of a Surrogate Pregnancy, and the passage of such legislation would be extremely detrimental to an already stressful process. We ask, not only for ourselves, but for all other expecting couples (present and future), heterosexual and homosexual alike, who will be negatively impacted by this blatantly discriminative bill. Do not let Utah take a giant step back from the progression and goals for equality. In the Senate Schedule, it states "The bill seeks to repeal surrogacy because it is now being used by Gay Couples". This bill is directly aimed at "Gay Couples" who seek to start a family with equal protections.   

Please sign your name to show support for maintaining the current Surrogacy Statute in Utah. Tell our lawmakers that there is NO PLACE for Bigotry and Hate in our Great State of Utah. 

Christopher H. & Onix B. 

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