Name Hogle Zoo's new baby Zebra "L'il Zebrastian"

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June 2, 2018 saw the birth of a fantastically charismatic new member of the Hogle Zoo family -- a newborn zebra (congratulations to proud parents Ziva and Ziggy!).

As of this writing, Utah's Hogle Zoo has not yet announced a name or plans for naming this monochrome wonder.

This presents a rare opportunity to pay homage to a predecessor in equine fame -- L'il Sebastian who burst onto the public scene at the 1984 Pawnee Harvest Festival in Pawnee, IN.

In loving memory of L'il Sebastian, please add your signature to more than 5,000 other candles in the wind and help us persuade the Hogle Zoo to name their newest addition "L'il Zebrastian".

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