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Start Representing Us! Stop Using Us as Political Pawns!

All six of you, Utah’s Federal Representatives, contributed to the recent government shutdown.

We are reasonable, hard working people. We are Republicans, Democrats, Independents and everything in-between. Many Americans are losing five percent of their monthly income every day you fail to fund our government. Clearly, you see us not as people or constituents, but as pawns to be used in ideological positioning. You are making choices that not only delay America’s ability to pay its bills; you are making choices that deny Americans the ability to pay theirs.

By signing this petition, we are giving this message: “We won’t forget your actions come election time!” We feel your true colors have been shown through the recent government shutdown and we vow to act accordingly by electing reasonable candidates to replace you, the six representatives listed above, if immediate action is not taken.

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  • Utah's Federal Representatives

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