INCLUDE ALL Utah K-12 Teachers and Staff in Stipend UNCONDITIONALLY

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PLEASE sign this petition to compel the Utah Legislature when they meet in January to REMOVE the exception that prevents Salt Lake School District K-12 teachers and staff from receiving the offered stipend offered to all other teachers and staff in the state. ALL K-12 teachers and staff should receive this stipend, UNCONDITIONALLY!

The Utah Legislature Executive Appropriations Committee voted on December 16th to recommend the Utah Legislature appropriate $121 Million for a one-time K-12 educator assistance stipend: $1,500 for teachers and $1,000 for school staff... With ONE GLARING exception. They excluded the Salt Lake School District

Regardless of whether teachers and staff have been teaching in person, online, or both, ALL teachers and staff give way more effort than they are ever paid for. You CANNOT exclude one district from the state just because they are online only. If you are going to give assistance, give it to ALL teachers and staff.

The purpose of this petition is show show support for ALL Utah K-12 teachers and staff and show the Utah Legislature that there is community support to remove the exception.

Once you sign this petition, PLEASE contact your local state representative and senator. If you don't know who your representative and senator are you can use this link to find them.