Fullest punishment possible 4 the murder of Satnam Singh!!!

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Satnam Singh,"SUPER GROCERY" convenient store owner was murdered in cold blood Sunday night around 11:50 p.m. February 28th 2021 in OGDEN,UTAH. The suspect is a 15 year old Male.  Do the crime do the time.  There are tons of residents that want him put away forever.  Please help by signing this petition and sharing on any social media platforms  to see that he gets tried as an adult and given the fullest punishment possible!!! this was a senseless act of violence and criminal activity. Not necessary or called for in any way let alone provoked.  This kid needs to be made an example of. No innocent person deserves to die, but if they are murdered I would like to see every last one of the victims get their very much needed and deserved justice!!! We are a strong community and will take this no longer.  Please join in by signing this petition and sharing to any of your social media platforms and help put a stop to violence in your neighborhood and state!!! His family needs to know this kid won't ever get out to commit another crime. I knew Satnam for 24 years,  he was one of the most kind hearted people in the Ron Claire Ogden Utah area.  R.i.p. and let's bring you your rightly deserved justice Satnam!!!