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Use HB80 to change the urban speed limits to 60mph

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The air in Salt Lake Valley is laden with toxic pollutants. One of the main culprits are vehicles traveling on our freeways, and the local refineries making the fuel for those vehicles. Recently Utah House Bill 80, that authorizes the Department of Transportation to make changes to the speed limits as it deems fit, was used to increase the speed limit from 65 to 70mph on our urban freeways.

It is a fact that toxic emissions increase as vehicle speeds exceed 60mph. It is a fact that more fuel gets used to travel at faster speeds, which in turn requires the refineries to create more fuel to meet that demand. In doing so, the refineries produce even more toxic emissions! Raising the speed limit is the exact wrong move. If we want to use our cars to get from A to B, the least we could do is use them responsibly, and thereby not poison ourselves as much. Since vehicles are at their peak efficiency when they are between 40 and 60mph we do a great disservice to health of all Utahns when we accept the status quo and raise the speed limit. This acquiesence is unacceptable. Please bring the speed limit down 60mph. There is precedent in every other Western metropolitan freeway network to go slower, and yet we just went up? Inexplicable. The Utah Department of Air Quality cited studies showing you the net benefit of a lower speed limit. Once changed, work with UHP to strictly enforce the new lower limits. Advertise this move for what it is; a wise step in the direction of greater health, cleaner air and safer roads. 

The beauty of a lower speed limit is that this is a way that every driving person can make a difference. We don't live in a bike and bus utopia, so it's exciting and logical that every driving person can participate in this. Whether you drive an Escalade or a Prius, an F-350 or a Smart car, if you slow down, you contribute less pollutants to our nasty air problem. Please change the speed limit for the betterment of us all. 

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