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Shutting down Benjamin asphalt/pit will only cost us more in taxes to improve our roads!

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Everyone wants their roads free of potholes & in good shape, yet they fail to realize that shutting the Benjamin asphalt/ quarry down will only cause us taxpayers to pay more to have our better roads. People fail to realize the distance trucks drive makes the said job cost go up(which is funded by us taxpayers) West Mtn. Is basically a dead zone n perfect location for a pit! If anything I'd be concerned about the hot plants that are right in the city(for instance the states biggest pit, the one at the Point of the Mtn. On Utah/SL county border!) While I was born and raised in Salem, & live still, I'd love to see So. Utah County stay small. But we all know that is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN SINCE THE LAKE FORCES US TO BUILD SOUTH. Shutting this pit down will not hurt the wildlife nearly as much as the opposing petition claims as it is a VERY small scale pit! They threw out generalized numbers to get more signatures!It also only runs when temps are 50 degrees and rising(the states general requirements to lay asphalt) and it is already 95% done for the year. There are many FAR greater polluters than that little pit. Plus I KNOW everyone hates taxes n paying more to have their beloved roads kept up! I'm just a concerned citizen that knows the trade off of having that pit close rather than spending a lot more money to haul asphalt further. As for the homes out there, I don't think there are but a few that are within the half mile "cancer zone" the petition to get rid of said Hot plant talks about. Also the people that don't like the trucks driving by KNOW it few n far between! South Utah County is gonna grow, like it or not! Kilgore does all it possibly can to keep pollutants at a minimum, or it would already be shut down. Thanks for reading. And even with this petition just like the one AGAINST the Benjamin Asphalt pit, do ur homework before just believing everything you may read!

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