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Training Regulation for Permanent Cosmetics & Microblading

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It is no secret that poor training in Microblading & Permanent Cosmetics has cast a shadow over the Utah beauty industry. From dissapointment in high-cost trainings to client injury due to poor application methods.

While there have been whisperings and rumors of stricter regulation requirements nothing has come to pass. FYI The requirement for a Master Esthetics license in order to perform PMU has been taken off the docket indefinitely. However, while we don't believe you need a 1600 hour licensure to perform these services, we do believe that specific training should be required.

This is a petition that would call for the regulation of those training in both Microblading & Permanent Cosmetics. This petition calls for individuals and companies to be held accountable for what they teach and how they teach it. This petition calls for minimum requirements to be met by those who want to train paying students in the art of Permanent Cosmetics. 

We are calling for a minimum number of hours to be required for anyone who wants to train or open a 'school'. We are calling for a minimum number of hours and apprenticeships for those wanting to be Permanent Makeup Artists & Microbladers.

This is not about what prerequisites the potential student has or does not have, this is about the people who have been extorting money out of unwitting people and calling it 'Higher Education'. If we can regulate the education we can reduce the damage on the public. 

Stricter rules on those who are able to train & stricter rules on those who are able to perform the service is our best bet in weeding out the ones who have done and continue to do damage by teaching sub par education and performing sub par services on paying clients.

We at EDIFY Permanent Cosmetics ask that you stand with us in our request. Let's shine a light on the beauty industry in Utah because we should work together as a unit. We are our best advocates. 

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