Get more night buses to Riverside

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Live on Riverside? Take the 671 or 672 bus to and from campus? Then you may know that daily around 6-7 pm those two buses turn into one 680 bus. What some of you may not know is that during that time when they're transitioning buses, if you need to get on campus, you're going to have to wait until the 680 comes, but that's not until after ALL the regular day buses are done, which makes it extremely difficult for any student who relies on public transportation. Not to mention that if you miss that first night bus, you'll have to wait about 20-30 minutes for another bus to come. Yea, it's not fun... While it might be easier and more convenient for our metro system to have fewer buses run at night, it's an inconvenience for all of us who experience waiting a long time for a bus that you may or may not have a seat on. Getting more buses to the riverside area is important because it affects student's safety as well. While it's bad enough having to walk late at night in the dark, waiting in the dark for the bus isn't safe either. Due to the 680's alternate route to accommodate two different bus routes, students who live in Town Lake Apartments experience not having their own bus stop at night, so they're forced to walk from a more farther stop. While it doesn't seem like much to have more buses for a minimal amount of people, safety for everyone at any time should always be a priority, especially for the safety of UT students.

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