Achieve Urgent Lung Transplant for UTEP Professor, My Mother Transfer El Paso-Dallas

Achieve Urgent Lung Transplant for UTEP Professor, My Mother Transfer El Paso-Dallas

June 6, 2021
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Why this petition matters

Only Goal: To achieve the transfer from El Paso Texas by medical plane from Kindred Clinic from El Paso Tx  to UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. The plan is to stabilize her oxygen levels and get a lung transplant with Dr. Torres ASAP.

Family and friends of Dr. Patricia Juarez-Carrillo, activist and professor at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), asked the community to join forces to advocate for her health and help her obtain a lung transplant in Dallas, Texas, as her health has entered a critical phase.
The professor, mother of three children, has suffered from pulmonary fibrosis for four years, but it was a little more than a couple of weeks ago that her immunity was disrupted after suffering a fainting spell at the clinic where the specialist is treating her.
She explained that the plan to join forces, to join contacts is, like all of us in humanity who have achieved things by joining together, to give testimony of what her mother is and represents in the border region, and how she has helped all those around her... and with this to be able to facilitate the transplant process.

He commented that they are aware that the transfer to that city, the place where the transplant would be performed, is a difficult process and if there are any obstacles, it is precisely this community initiative that will help to eliminate them to make the intervention easier.

"It is important to find a way to transplant the lung to be able to give her back life and quality of life, otherwise she runs the risk of transcending," said Dr. Eva Moya, a personal friend of the teacher for 21 years.
She commented that "if it is in our hands, it is in the hands of the medicine, of the specialists and of the institutions to be able to generate life, to find a donor... then what limits us to be able to accelerate and do everything as soon as possible so that she can have her transplant".
Juarez-Carrillo, a specialist in environmental justice and social justice, is a prepared border woman who has dedicated part of her life to fighting for social causes by leading mass movements to help her community.

And also and incredible woman and unique Mother.

Letter for my Mother:

Air is what abounds in our world, it moves the branches of the trees, creates wind energy with the help of human ingenuity, helps clean the fields, the debris and permits us to exist, without air there would not be the life we know and the blood of warriors that we have is alive thanks to our blood of warriors and correspondents of good.
Air is precisely what my mother, Patricia Juarez-Carrillo PhD in Public Health, needs the most at this moment, because one of her lungs has been failing for 4 years due to chronic pulmonary fibrosis; what is the meaning of life? My mother talks to me from her intensive care bed. She tells me, they asked Tyson on a program that I like; Tyson Radio Talks, that's it, says Tyson to the citizen who asked this question so transcendental or inconsequential, what we give meaning to anything, subject, life etc., that's it, just that. What is air for, if a lung does not work? How to transport oxygen if there is no transport available?... But this is not over, it is still possible to get that transport, it is, there is always hope, there always is, and always will be and as long as there is the slightest possibility, the union between us will conquer for eons on this earth that we protect so much between all, as correspondents of the good things.
To give something you must have something, it is a supremely simple and practical logic, so in order to illuminate and solidify this possibility for my Mother, it is necessary to get a lung transplant in the city of Dallas Texas at UT Southwestern Medical Center. My mother has been on the transplant list for years and at this time she is the only hope to survive and come out of this crisis as a warrior with warrior blood that has always characterized her, the leader of the family. Her transfer to the city of Dallas is urgent. There is no time to waste; there is more life than time, that was taught  to me by my mother, the strongest, kindest and most wonderful woman I have ever known, on one occasion my mother was on her way home from school and ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere and the worst thing was that she had no money, she was at that time struggling to improve herself professionally and economically but my mother has never given up and then she achieved her goal by asking the gas station attendant  for 8 dollars. This is one of thousands of examples that she always showed us and we go for that possibility to Dallas with Dr. Torres, my Mom's Dr.

This is for you Mom:

"Peace in harmony
not in peace in struggle or despair
but the natural peace of enjoying
enjoying every movement of a hummingbird
every noise made by a tortoise,
to see a sensitive but strong petal in image, to enjoy seeing an idea to share and coexist"

 you Mother, taught me that".




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Signatures: 805Next Goal: 1,000
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