Install roof tops for walkways!

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Although many of us have barely seen glimpses of pouring rain throughout this year, I believe that rain could be an issue once the season hits. Many students of the University of Texas at Austin carry a load of electronics and paperwork on themselves and should the issue present itself on people, they will have drenched bags and clothes.

That is why we should install roof tops over our walkways. From an overview, the university itself is basically many large buildings connected via walkways. In terms of our budget cuts, we cannot cover all of that area with roofs as well as because of the preference of others who prefer sunlight shining in. However, at the least, we should be able to cover small areas such as the connections between Jester West Dormitory and Gregory Gym, or Jester West Dormitory and PCL, just to name a few. 

This is to ensure that people can commute in the preference of dryness without getting theirselves wet. It can also be used as an added benefit to the people that prefer shade.

So help raise awareness. Rain drop, drop top, our walkways need roof tops!

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