Refund students paying an extra $960 for online classes at UTD

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The University of Texas at Dallas is charging its students an additional $80 per credit hour for all OW online classes. 

Personally, I am having to pay an extra $480 this semester since I'm taking 6 online credit hours. However, graduate students taking all their classes online are expected to pay $720 ($80 * 9 hours) this semester. Additionally, full-time undergraduate students in online classes are expected to pay $960 ($80 * 12 hours).

I am aware that many students have started petitions asking their universities to give partial refunds given the ongoing pandemic. I would like to emphasize that this petition does not seek to do that and is simply trying to repeal this "distance-learning" charge, an exploitative, money-making tactic employed by one of the biggest school systems in the country, if not the world. 

There is no legitimate reason why students are being expected to pay such an exorbitant amount to UT-D, which is already Texas' most expensive public university, beating much older institutions like UT Austin and A&M quite easily.

Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to explain to you why this charge has bothered me and my family so much. 

I am an international student from India, currently pursuing my Masters degree in Business Analytics. International students like myself cannot be employed in the US, except via on-campus jobs such as those at the library or dining hall. Due to the pandemic, these opportunities are also closed for students like us, rendering us completely dependent on our families for financial support. 

My parents are currently supporting me and my sister, who is also studying at UTD. If we want to continue our education, our parents will have to transfer 2 million rupees (nearly $31,000) to our bank accounts immediately. 

Given the financial burden on international (and, to an extent, domestic) students, as well as the on-going pandemic, UT Dallas' distance-learning charge is completely unnecessary and ridiculous. It must be repealed.