The USPTO is LYING to Innovators

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Even though the US is now ranked #12 in the world on IP policy and protection by our own U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the USPTO speaks about itself as if it is still #1 and "Leading the Nation and the World in Intellectual Property Protection and Policy" per its Twitter bio (

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This is harmful to inventors, entrepreneurs, and innovators around the world. The USPTO is giving future innovators false hope that the US is still the go-to place to obtain intellectual property protection.

The United States is ranked #12 on IP policy and protection so I, as a young entrepreneur who doesn't want any others like me to be beguiled by USPTO, demand that:

1. USPTO acknowledges that it is NOT #1 or a leader on IP issues anymore and acts accordingly, including but not limited to, removing all speech that makes the misrepresentation of leadership status from its social media accounts and all government websites.

2. USPTO fixes the problems with the US IP system so that maybe we can reclaim the global IP leadership position. 
Our fall from glory is correlative with the enacting of The America Invents Act (AIA), several legal decisions such as Alice ( and eBay (, and with the creation of the Patent Trial and Appeal board (PTAB.)
Just ten years ago, the US was #1. Likewise, ten years ago none of the above laws existed.

I care because I am an innovator and I believe that the government, in more areas than just this, is being duplicitous. I don't want harm to come to any entrepreneurs and I try my best to warn future innovators of problems that I see, deal with, and overcome so that they too will overcome them.

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