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Return Yuri his USPA ratings

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Dear skydiving family,

I usually do not ask for help, but I can not this without your help. I have been fighting this battle with USPA for the past six month. As most of you know in August 2016 there had been a tandem fatality in Lodi with my signatures on the fallen brother’s paperwork. I had nothing to do with his training and had no idea that while I was gone there was TI courses at the Parachute Center. After the fatality it turned out that there were a number of people who went through those courses and had paperwork with my name and signatures.

In september of 2016 USPA suspended my examiner rating with alleged accusations that my courses were not up to USPA standard. After the phone hearing I received a section K letter stating that the person who conducted those courses had his examiner rating suspended in july 2015 after which he continued to teach using my name, even though I had provided them with the letter for that person stating that I had nothing to do with that. I am a man of my word and YES, I have had worked with that person after his rating got pulled, but my agreement with him was that he can only teach while I am on the drop zone so that I can assure that the training was up to standard. Those of you who know me, know that I would never let anybody get any slack in training or use my name in any kind of scam. During my time as an examiner, I had numerous people approach me with an offer to buy a tandem rating, and I turned them down. I had people who lied about their jump numbers and experience trying to get a tandem rating and after figuring it out I refused training them until they get the experience, refunding their money. I had people who went through training but did not get their rating since they were incapable to do the job.

I tried appealing that decision at the recent Board of Directors meeting at Chattanooga, TN, but my request to review the “evidence” against me was simply ignored. At the BoD meeting I was given a stack of papers and was told that I could follow along, but after those papers were taken I still don’t have anything. At the meeting I was told that the paperwork I was submitting for my candidates always had problems with it, but I had been submitting my paperwork the same way for the whole time being examiner and never was told to about any problems with it. If there was a page missing I would send it right away. On the other hand USPA had processed and gave a rating to one of the people involved in the courses at the Parachute Center while I was in Russia even though it was sent from an email address of the person conducting thouse courses and simply signed Yuri. To my question:” So I am pretty much guilty by association?” I was told :” Yes, that is a big part of it”. I was never given the due process. Everytime something new is found to blame me for. I was always cooperative with USPA about any question they had for me.

I admit, sometimes I had my candidates scan their paperwork and email it to me so that i could submit it to USPA, I sometimes I did not submit the paperwork within 3 days after the course and Yes I started training one candidate before he got his medical, but I was the only one jumping with him and I knew the guy really well, medical school student who doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink, doesn’t do drugs, very responsible with really good work ethics.

Many of my students wrote letters to USPA with nothing but positive comments about my courses to which I was told that they have nothing to compare those courses to and they might think it was good, but in the reality it was not.

As of now, I can not skydive on any USPA group member dropzone, I can not participate in Canopy Piloting Competitions on any of the USPA drop zones even though I am a member of Russian Canopy Piloting team with an FAI licence, I can not do tandems on UPT Sigma.

My name was slandered, people who don’t even know me are making their conclusions about me based on hearsay and think that I am the guy who had done all those negative things for our sport.     

I truly believe that something has to be done so that situations like this never happened again, but I definitely not willing to take the fall for something I have not done.

I really appreciate your help.

Yuri Garmashov.    


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