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Petition to restructure reservation in india

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Every other day, some community or other is holding the government ransom and forcing them to provide reservations, job guarantee, loan waivers etc, by taking out morchas and protests. I think just like UCC we also need a uniform policy for reservation based entirely and only on economic status. In the current system, children of IAS officers and doctors walk into engineering and medical colleges, with mediocre marks whereas the hardworking and more deserving candidates who have brilliant scores are left without seats. I think the demerits of the current system are obvious for all to see. The point is that each day it's getting worse, as various communities are using this to hold the government to ransom, disrupt normal life, and create nuisance. We request the govt to scrap the existing reservation and reformulate it so that there is no ambiguity for the public to threaten and disrupt normal functioning of the nation. The children of economically weaker sections could perhaps be given access to tutions or preparatory guidance for entrance exams but entrance should be purely on merit only. 

In any case, the govt has to come up with a law to stop all such protests in the heart of our cities which disrupt normal life. Who will be held responsible for loss of life if an ambulance cannot reach a person to the hospital, or  the loss of property due to vandalism by the mob? The government should take serious note  of our problem and resolve it.

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