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Gunnison sage-grouse are one of the most imperiled species in the United States. Fewer than 5,000 of these birds remain, occurring in less than 10 percent of their historic range. Fortunately, Gunnison sage-grouse may soon receive the protection they need to get on the road to recovery.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recently proposed to grant this species the protection it needs, but real estate developers and other interests don’t want the bird to be protected under the Endangered Species Act, and are opposing the proposal. Please take action and tell the USFWS that you support safeguarding Gunnison sage-grouse before it's too late.


Letter to
Director, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Dan Ashe
I am writing to support the protection of Gunnison sage-grouse as an “endangered” species under the Endangered Species Act, and the designation of "critical habitat" in the areas currently proposed by the Fish and Wildlife Service. I am encouraged that the USFWS has proposed a strong plan backed by sound science to help these birds recover.

The Gunnison sage-grouse is not only a beautiful and fascinating bird, but also an important part of life in Western Colorado and Utah. The proposed endangered listing and critical habitat designation would not only help protect the grouse, but also habitat for other wildlife, including elk, deer and pronghorn. Conserving Gunnison sage-grouse will also benefit local communities by protecting lands that support wildlife watching and other recreational activities that are important to local economies.

I believe that both listing Gunnison sage-grouse as “endangered” and designating critical habitat as currently proposed by FWS, is necessary for two reasons. First, Gunnison sage-grouse have been reduced to fewer than 5,000 birds and occur in less than 10% of their historic range, and now exist only in small isolated populations that are very vulnerable.

Second, all efforts to date to slow the decline of the Gunnison sage-grouse have been unsuccessful, and Endangered Species Act protection and critical habitat designation can help to more comprehensively address the many threats to the species, and provide additional federal funding to support local conservation efforts.

Please protect the Gunnison sage-grouse by listing the species as “endangered” and designating the habitat that is needed for the conservation of the species as “critical habitat”.

Thank you for considering my comments.

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